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we are corkscrew

Sharing our passion since 1982!

Our history dates back to 1982, when this family began as a humble bar. Over the years, we have transformed, becoming a beach kiosk and finally evolving into the restaurant that we are today.

This place, which has witnessed generations of people from Cádiz and visitors, preserves the spirit and hospitality that characterizes us since our beginnings. Each member of our team brings to our restaurant the warmth and hospitality that are so characteristic of Cádiz families.

More than a restaurant

Our team is made up of people who are passionate about cooking and customer service.

Made up of people who are passionate about cooking and customer service, we firmly believe that the key to offering the best corkscrew experience It is in constant training and learning. Therefore, we strive to keep up with the latest trends in gastronomy and hospitality, and we look for innovative ways to improve our service.


1- Contiene Gluten
2- Crustáceos
3- Huevo
4- Pescado
5- Cacahuetes
6- Soja
7- Lácteos

8- Frutos de cáscaras
9- Apio
10- Mostaza
11- Granos de sésamo
12- Dióxido de azufre y sulfitos
13- Moluscos
14- Altramuces